Black Magic Mantra to save yourself from enemies

Black Magic Mantra For Enemy

Black Magic Mantra to save yourself from enemies

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Black Magic Mantra For Enemy is rather a powerful and hidden element of Indian astrology. Not many are aware of the real powers of black magic. Try Black Magic For Enemy and soon you will see the result in your favor.

It can be used for both good and bad purposes. But you should keep in mind that using black magic with a negative intention, also has a negative impact on you. So you should avoid negative intentions and use black magic only for good purposes.

It is a natural tendency for humans to have enemies. You can make several enemies, especially if you are very successful. People get jealous of your success and tend to harm you good luck and prosperity.

If you have also gathered many enemies around you and fear to lose your good luck, do not worry. India’s best astrologer Pandit Sumit Sharma has the best solution for you.

Black magic mantra to save yourself from your enemies

The reason could be anything. Black magic mantra to get rid of the enemy, black magic spell to get rid of the enemy or destroy the enemy or a member of your family who is coming between your success.

Best astrologer Pandit Sumit Sharma is an expert in using black magic to save yourself from your enemies and promises 100% results.

These black magic mantras force the enemy to surrender in front of you and, finally, you can destroy them and punish the enemy for bad karma if he has really done something wrong with you,

But you need to pay attention and give complete dedication because if by mistake if you cast a bad spell on someone to destroy your enemy, it can come to reverse to you and make your life all the more troublesome.

Therefore it is advised to take help only from the best astrologer.

Black Magic Banglamukhi Mantra Prayog

Bangalmukhi Mantra Prayog is a well known black magic technique as the most powerful sadhna mantra to destroy or punish enemies, as well as to protect you or your family from enemy attacks.

Banglamukhi mantra prayog should begin on Thursday evening. In Banglamukhi sadhna brahmacharya is very important and also onion, garlic, food without alcohol, alcoholic beverages, no anger, innocence and truthfulness should be maintained.

Avoid making any mistakes anywhere during the ritual period otherwise it could have a reverse effect on you. It is advised to perform this black magic under the guidance of an expert only.

While practicing the Banglamukhi black magic techniques, always use yellow cloth, yellow food and yellow fruits for you. The dedication and faith in the goddess Banglamukhi is also a very important step in this black magic.

Banglamukhi mantra black magic can be started from any Thursday night, you should sit on a yellow woolen sheet, facing east and light a mustard oil lamp and show the lamp the image of the goddess Banglamukhi and also offer it a yellow garland and pray.

Then light the incense and dhoopam and sprinkle some holy water, also take some ho;y water in your hand and pray with this dhyan mantra.

What are the ways to do black magic to control your enemies?

Sauvarnasan sansthitam-tri-nayanam pitanshukollasineem; Hema-bhang-ruchim shashank-mukutam sachchampaka sragyutam. Hastair-mudgar-pash-vajra-rasanam sambi-bhrateembhushanair Vyaptangim Baglamukhi tri-jagatama sanstambhinim chintayet

After that, you must start jap from the yellow beads rosary and recite this mantra for a total of 2,25,000 mantras daily, you will have to recite it to fulfill your desire.

Well, after completing the 2,25,000 mantra, you need to recite 21,000 extra mantras. After completing the mantra chanting a hawan is important and the hawan mantra should also be performed under the supervision of the best astrologer or guru to obtain the best results.

After that, invite 11 brahmans to your house, cook all the food just with mustard oil, offer him your best hospitality and in the end give him some dashina as per your budget.

Again, After completing this black magic Banglamukhi mantra under the guidance of the best astrologer. You will start seeing the changes in your situation and in no time your enemy will surrender to you.

If you finish this ritual, no enemy can ever harm you in your life. Maa Banglamukhi will always bless you, protect you. And all the enemies will automatically come out of your life. And they will be punished by the goddess if they try to harm you again in the future.

Black magic mantra to destroy your enemy

Every day, at night, do a Mahakaali puja with a blue or red garland, sindoor and kumkum, and pray for your problem and recite the mantra. 11 beads of the black haikik rosary up to 3 months after 3 months, do hawan reciting the same mantra.

After the hawan is completed, wear the beads and keep it around your neck for your entire life. Wear it in a clean place like a temple, avoid places like a washroom, graveyard or bedroom. Continue reciting the mantra 108 times daily with the same procedure so that all your hidden or unknown enemies are destroyed soon and do not reappear in your life.

This black magic mantra is extremely powerful to destroy enemies or to save yourself from enemies.

Use these black magic mantras only after consulting the best astrologer or it can have the reverse impact on you. Indian astrology is very powerful and has a solution to all your problems.

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