How astrology and vashikaran mantra influence our lives?

how astrology and vashikaran mantra influence our lives

Astrology Definition:- In case if we separate these two words “ASTRO + LOGY”. In Greek, Astro means star or celestial objects and logy means study. Vashikaran is formed by conjugation of 2 words “Vash” & “Karan”. Which means controlling emotions & thought the process and doing respectively.

In short, astrology can be said as the art of studying a star and celestial objects that affect human nature or behaviour. And the person who conducts this study is called astrologer. A Vedic astrologer studies the movements and positions of planets and stars and makes the future prediction and provide the solution for the problems.

Types of Astrology:-

In human science, there is so much use of Online Astrology. There are several forms and uses for Online love Astrology.

Natal Online Astrology:- This is the most common type of astrology and also known as genethliacal astrology or birth chart astrology. This astrology tells about the person’s outlook on life. it can also explain his/her childhood, parents, siblings, spouse, career, friends.

Sun Sign Online Astrology:- It is a simplified system of astrology which considers only the position of the Sun at birth. It is an analysis of the chart for each of the signs as one of the twelve zodiac signs. It gives general forecasts for various periods of time. 

Mundane Online Astrology:- The name mundane is taken from the Roman word Mundus meaning “the world.”  The astrologer will read the chart of the organization or country in a similar to the natal chart. it is the branch of Vedic Astrology that deals with the planetary effects through signs and planetary periods in the charts of cities, corporations, business organizations, nations, etc.

Financial Online Astrology:-  This type of astrology is especially for those who invest in the stock market. This is used in the forecast time cycle, short term and long term in the stock market.

Horary Online Astrology:- In this type of astrology science we find out lost objects. In this, we can find where the lost things are placed.

Vashikaran mantra for Love Marriage:

Vashikaran spells are very powerful, with the help of them, you can solve all the problems. There are many types of mantras written in our religious texts, which you can use to resolve any of your problems.

Vashikaran mantra remedies for love problem solution

If you love someone so much but that person does not love you, then Vashikshan spells are very useful to solve such problems. You can easily grab any person on your side by using it.

If there is any dispute in husband or wife, then you can resolve them by chanting Vashikaran Mantra.

Woman or Girl Vashikaran mantra

  1. ॐ नमो भगवति चामुंडे महाहृदयकंपिनी स्वाहा |
  2. ॐ नमो नारायणाय सर्वलोकाना मम वशान कुरु कुरु स्वाहा |

Take a sweet Pan on your right hand read this mantra 108 times. Feed the woman whom you want to attract. In some days he will be attracted to you.

Husband or wife vashikaran powerful mantra

  1. ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं थिरिं ठ: ठ: अमुक वशं करोति |

Chant this mantra 108 times every day for 21 days. And every day feed the rice to Sparrow bird. After 21 days, after reading Mantra, feed a sweet Pan to your spouse. Your spouse will soon come under your control.

Uses of Online astrology:- We can use astrology in every part of the future. As we discussed above how much astrology is affecting in our life?   

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If there is a specific doubt in your mind, a piece of astrological advice will certainly help you in making the right decision. Astrology, called Jyotish, is universal and timeless. Pandit Sumit Sharma is one of the most time-accurate and oldest systems of astrology in the world.

The astrology describes the destiny and traits of an individual that is associated with the positions of the planets and the date, time and place of birth.

Astrology considers the movement of two luminaries, namely the Sun and the Moon, five major planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter) and the two nodes Rahu and Ketu.

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