How to know if your spouse is interested in someone else?

How to know if your spouse is interested in someone else?

But unfortunately, every human is not perfect to respect this confluence of two people called marriage. As every day is not the same & with the passing of time some couples lose interests in each other maybe this is because of changed behaviour, status, looks, sexual desires or any other reason. And in order to fulfil these desires, they look upon the people outside their marriage; here the real problems start.

Every divorce has its own story but over a period of time, it has been observed that the main cause of divorce is losing interest in the spouse. This losing of interest leads to the introduction of the third person in between & the couples who used to live happily get divorced.

Leaving people destroyed mentally, socially, physically & financially; conditions become more harassing when children are involved, they are not able to understand what went wrong between their loving mummy-daddy. Life remains not the same for those little angels.

Now, it becomes very important to know that either your spouse is interested in someone else or not. If at the starting stage it is recognised then there are high chances to solve the problem. After a certain period of time, it becomes next to impossible get out of this miserable condition.

It is the highest level of torture to know that your spouse has lost interest in you & seeing someone else.

How to know that your spouse has lost interest in you?

Here are some common things which indicate the same:

  • Behavioural change: Sudden change in the behaviour towards you and family associated is the most thing in all the cheating partners. They can become too arrogant, rude, naive and least bothered about you.
  • Sparkless life: Remember the early spark in life. However, it is ok to lose some spark over a period of certain time but if the spark has completely lost its charm then it is really not a very good sign for your relationship.
  • Lies & Lies: If your spouse has started lying to you frequently about things, doesn’t matter even if they are small. Lies is all that you see around them then definitely you have lost them.
  • Secrets: If your spouse has started keeping secrets from you. Deleting call logs, text messages, images, emails, etc. is just a common thing for cheating partners.

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