Katyayani Mantra Jaap: Benefits and How To Do?

Katyayani Mantra Jaap

Katyayani Mantra Jaap: Benefits and How To Do?

Katyayani Mantra Jaap is the most violent form of goddess Parvati. According to the Indian old book scriptures, Goddess Parvati took the form of Devi Katyayani to destroy the strongest demon named ‘Mahishasura’. This form of Maa Parvati is also emblemed as a warrior goddess. 

Moreover, on the Navaratri day, sixth is dedicated to the goddess Katyayani. On this day, Katyayani Katha, Jaap, or mantra chant worship for success in love, make a strong relationship and blissfull happy married life. 

The Katyayani maha-mantra is the most critical mantra used for married life. Any marriage issue related problem can be solved by this colossal Katyayani maha Jaap. Deeper, the Katyayani Gayatri mantra is very effective to destroy all obstacles such as Manglik Dosha or may remove the negative influence of planets quickly. 

Whether you are looking for Katyayani mantra for success in love, early marriage, delayed marriage solution, and others. The following strong and powerful Maa Parvati mantra helps you most. 

Katyayani Maha Mantra For Marriage

This Katyayani marriage mantra tremendously uses at the time of the marriage event. And for sure, you heard it most of the Indian marriage region. 

||Om Hring Katyaynyai Swaha || 

|| Hring Shring Katyaynyai Swaha ||

Katyayani Maha Mantra For Delayed Marriage

Facing problem in marriage get delayed or due to any planet influence delayed in marriage. For sure, consider this maha-mantra for delayed marriage purpose.

Om Devendrani Namastubhyam DevendrapriyaBhamini | 

Vivaaham Bhagyamaarogyam Sheeghralabham ChaDehi Me ||

Katyayani Mantra Jaap For Early Marriage

For early Katyayani Mantra for Marriage propagation, the following mantra is used to blessed with happy married life and to procure dense love in the relationship.

Om Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadhisvari | 

Nandgopasut Devi Patim Me Kuru Te Namah ||

Katyayani Maha Mantra For Success in Love or Relationship

After marriage, the love gets fade – according to the life fact. If you want to make you after married life, happier, stronger, and destroying any outside negativity. This mantra is best and performs strong. 

Om Shang Shankaray Sakal Janmarjit paapVidhvans Naay |

Purusharth Chatustay Labhay ch Patim meDehi Kuru-Kuru Swaha ||

How to Chant Katyayani Mantra?

How to recite the Katyayani mantra? What is the procedure for chanting different Katyayani mantra types? Read the step-by-step guide to start the Katyayani Jaap in the right way:

  1. Start with a red-colored Chandan Jaapa Maala to begin.
  2. Wear red clothes (if you can) and place a red flower straight to the picture of this goddess. 
  3. Chant this mantra for 1.25 lakh times. Alternate, you can recite on your Jaapa Maala for 12 days. 
  4. On the last day, make a wish and visualize a happy wedding. 

Benefits of Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari Mantra

  • The mantra solves the problem if you are unable to get married to the person you love due to any reason.
  • This mantra helps you to get proposals for your son and daughters.
  • Chanting Maha Gayatri mantra will help you to get the consent of your parents to marry whom you loved.
  • Help in washing any external negative energy. 
  • Resolute any kind of wrong Manglik Dosha or planet influence quickly.

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